How to enable DV-in, briefly

Change the following data:
6400301808 EP151808
00944262 EP60c2e2

How to do it, in more detail

So you have removed the front cover, printed out a listing of the relevant keys of the RC. Further, you have removed the tape, and switched on the camera in the PLAY mode.

This is for the MV20, the MV200/MV10 are just slightly different, as you can see in the table above.

That's it! You now have a DV-in enabled camera, equivalent to an MV20i.

What do these 2 bytes do

Address 30 controls the DV-in status, it allows the camera to accept the data from the DV cable. Address 94 controls the ability of the camera to accept RECORD commands from either the remote or DV cable.

How to reverse these changes

Simple: reverse the entire procedure. There's no `restore factory settings' I think.