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Enabling DV-in on MV20, MV200 and MV10

A while ago I read that one could reach extra buttons on the remote control of the Canon MV20, by removing the cover, and that these might enable accessing the service mode. That should make it possible to enable DV-in without buying any extra hardware. Fortunately, removing this cover is very easy, as it isn't glued or closed with those nasty snap-in things that break when you want to open it. You merely need to remove 4 screws, 2 on one side, 1 on the other, and 1 in the battery compartment.

After removing the cover and playing around with all those unlabeled buttons I made a list of their functions. Using the right button you get into the service mode of the camera. In that mode you can access data that is grouped in pages and banks. Some hardly exist, or are not accessible, some others are quite interesting.

Next, I made a listing of the data I could thus read out, by scanning through all the page/bank/address combinations I could find.

On postings on a number of places I have received other peoples listings, for both MV20 and MV20i which differ in that the latter has DV-in enabled. Comparison led to the conclusion that no more than 2 bytes of difference were relevant for this.

Several people have now changed their MV20's to enable DV-in, and all reported success.

You want to try it?

If you also want to DV-in enable your MV20, get a little Phillips screwdriver and just DO it!

What about the MV200 and MV10?

I had been collecting similar lists of the data in the MV200 and MV10 models. In Februari 2000 I received a list of data from an MV200 enabled by a DV-in enabling widget. It turned out that again only 2 bytes were relevant, as confirmed by several people. So: just DO it!

Moreover, the MV10 is very similar to the MV200, and it turns out that the same change is required for the MV10. Unfortunately, while the MV200's WL-D72 remote control is practically the same as the WL-D71, the WL-D70 RC from the MV10 has less buttons, and indeed the RD/WR button is missing. The required button should connect pin 18 and pin 13 of the D 6133 IC, so you could also use a little piece of wire to just do that, see this figure. Another option is to purchase a WL-D71 or WL-D72 remote control. The MV10 also does have a LANC connector though, so the Sony RM-95 LANC remote would help. The PC95 program from LynxDV is claimed to work now. Michal Krejcik's program for the Panasonic could be made to work too I guess.

But I have yet another model!

Early 2000 Canon came with the MV30. We have the codes, but that's not all we need.

NEWSFLASH (May 11, 2001) The mystery is solved for the MV3/MV3MC and MV30. The details will appear here later too..

Even more recently the MV300 came out. I have no data for that yet, but feel free to send me your data. People have reported that it won't get into service mode via the RC though!

As far as Canon is concerned, there's also the MV1 and MV100. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there are DV-in capable versions of these on the market. Only very recently (september 2000) Magic Multi Media figured out how to DV-in enable these. I haven't got any more detailed info, but I think these guys could supply us with the required data.

For other brands (Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Sharp..) the same method could work too I guess. I expect the labeled buttons to have the same function. For several models codes to be changed can be found on the web, see e.g. Michal Krejcik's pages for codes and links to others.

Can I enable analog-in?

In principle, I think so! The MV20's twin sister Elura, which is sold in the USA, differs in (AFAIK) 2 respects: it is in NTSC mode instead of PAL, and it is analog-in enabled. So comparing data for that model to the MV20i will show a combination of these. We merely have to figure out how to seperate the differences, which can be done by trial and error. OTOH: rumours say the circuitry needed to convert analog video into digital is missing in the MV20(i). Someone would need to open the camera and look for empty spots? Small problem: most Elura owners have no reason to join in this project. The only reason would be that they may want to take the camera to Europe and change it to PAL. For tourists: you may want to compare prices!

Are there other ways to do it?


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